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Agape Love Doula Services

Karla Lina provides provides bilingual birth and postpartum doula services, as well as belly binding, wombs' massage, bone closing and herbal baths.

Bodhi Birth

Ashley Makan provides birth and bereavement doula services, acupressure and childbirth education.

Three Little Birds Birth

Kirsten Freeman provides birth and/or postpartum services, belly casting, birth planning, fertility support, bereavement support and childbirth education.

ReBirth Her

Kia Martin provides holistic doula services.

Blissed Out Birth

Paislie Marchant provides birth doula services, placenta encapsulation and natural childbirth education.

Born to Birth

Renata Hale provides birth doula and Postpartum Bengkung Belly Binding services.

Rejoicing Through Birth

Abby Groves provides birth and/or postpartum doula services.

The Doula Group

Dana Patterson, Lydia Vance and Lisa Eckhardt are a doula team that provide labor and/or postpartum and bereavement doula services and childbirth education.

Rooted Midwifery

Carey Glenn & Emily Graham midwifery team provide home birth, childbirth education and postpartum doula services.

Carolina Placenta Remedies

April Hall runs a certified full service placenta apothecary, provides birth and/or postpartum doula services and newborn care.

Brave The Waves Birth Services

Shannon Fleming provides birth, sibling and (coming soon) bereavement doula services.

Ilaria O'Keefe Doula Services

Ilaria O'Keefe provides birth and/or postpartum doula and acupressure services.

Blue Ridge Doula Services

Tamara Sawyer provides birth and/or postpartum doula services and birth photography.

Still Waters Doula Services

Katelyn Murray provides prenatal, labor and postpartum doula services.


Birth Matters offers free doula services to low income women in the Spartanburg County area as as part of their efforts to combat the negative maternal health disparities faced by women of color and low income women. They also focus their efforts on decreasing the teen birth rate by providing free evidence based reproductive health education.

Appalachian Doulas

Kimberly Parker provides prenatal, labor, postpartum doula services and placenta encapsulation services.

Lingle Birth Services

Sarah Lingle provides birth doula services.

Sacred Roots Birthkeeping

Harley Baumhardt provides doula, birthkeeper services, placenta encapsulation and peer lactation counseling.

Lingle Birth Services

Sarah Lingle provides birth doula services.